Puddle is one of the first ten Compound Elements (Or Tier 2 Elements) that can be made by combining the Starter Elements. It is part of the Water Chain, which consists of the Earth's Water Chain. The Chain of Waters is shown below the Infoxbox. (main parts of the chain are bolded)

As seen in the chain and in the Elements Infobox, it can be created by combining Water with itself. This can be preformed by dragging Water onto itself. 

Here is the (incomplete) chain of waters (true main parts of the chain are bolded, and non-"main parts" are in italics):

No. of waters Creation Date Element Name Combination
1 Water (starter element)
2 Puddle Water + Water
3 Bigger Puddle Water + Puddle
4 Pond Puddle + Puddle
4 Even Bigger Puddle Bigger Puddle + Water
5 Gross Water

Pond + Water

5 Even Bigger Puddle

Bigger Puddle + Puddle

6 Even Bigger Puddle Bigger Puddle + Bigger Puddle
8 Lake

Pond + Pond

16 Sea

Lake + Lake

32 Ocean

Sea + Sea

64 All of Earth's Water Ocean + Ocean
96 WaterOverFlowError Ocean  + All of Earth's Water
192 Windows Defender

WaterOverFlowError + WaterOverFlowError

384 Windows Update Windows Defender + Windows Defender
768 Windows 11 Windows Update + Windows Update
1536 Windows 22 Windows 11 + Windows 11
3072 Windows 44 Windows 22 + Windows 22
6144 Windows 88 Windows 44 + Windows 44
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