This element is a chain element.

the Overworld Portal is the 106th element of the game. it can be created by combining Nether with Nether Portal, the combination is a reference to Minecraft, if a Nether Portal is in the Nether, it will take you back to the Overworld.

Overworld Portal is also the start of the Video Game chain.

Video Game Chain Edit

Here is the (incomplete) Video game chain (true main parts of the chain are bolded, and non-"main parts" are in italics):

Element Name Combination Element ID Created On
Overworld Portal Nether + Nether Portal 106 October 30th 2018
Overworld Overworld Portal + Overworld Portal 175 October 30th 2018
Minecraft Overworld + Overworld 215 November 3rd 2018
Terraria Minecraft + Minecraft 266 November 7th 2018
Cube world Terraria + Minecraft 397 November 18th 2018
Cube planet Cube world + Cube world 607 December 2nd 2018
Starbound Terraria + Terraria 355 November 11th 2018
Roblox Starbound + Starbound 457 November 25th 2018
Fortnite Roblox + Roblox 583 December 1st 2018
PUBG Fortnite + Fortnite 623 December 3rd 2018
aaaaaaaaa PUBG + PUBG 651 December 5th 2018
bbbbbbbb aaaaaaaaa + aaaaaaaaa 674 December 6th 2018
cccccccccccccccccccccccc bbbbbbbb + bbbbbbbb 722 December 8th 2018
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