This element is a chain element.

Clay is the 88th element in the game. It is also the start of the more clay / large lump of clay chain elements.

Clay's chain elements Edit

Elements Part of the Chain Element ID Date Created
Clay 88 October 28th 2018
more clay 157 October 29th 2018
Even more clay 176 October 30th 2018
Large lump of clay 200 October 31th 2018
Larger lump of clay 222 November 3rd 2018
Largest lump of clay 363 November 15th 2018
Largerest lump of clay 488 November 25th 2018
Largerester lump of clay 532 November 27th 2018
Even Largerestest 743 December 8th 2018
All Of Earth's Clay 878 December 19th 2018
2x Earth's Clay 934 January 1st 2019
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