This element is a chain element.

Big Fire is one of the first ten Compound Elements (Or Tier 2 Elements) that can be made by combining the Starter Elements. It is also the start of the Big Fire chain elements.

As seen in the chain and in the Elements Infobox, it can be created by combining Fire with itself. This can be performed by dragging Fire onto itself. 

Big Fire's chain elements Edit

Elements Part of the Chain No. of Fires Element ID Date Created
Fire 1 3 -
Big Fire 2 13 October 27, 2018
Bigger Fire 4 28 October 27, 2018
Even Bigger Fire 8 29 October 27, 2018
Biggest Fire 16 36 October 27, 2018
Biggerest Fire 32 45 October 27, 2018
Most Biggerest Fire 64 55 October 27, 2018
Mostest Biggerest Fire 128 93 October 28, 2018
One fire to rule them all 256 108 October 29, 2018
2 fires to rule them all* 512 279 November 8th, 2018
*Made by combining "One fire to rule them all" with "Mostest Biggerest Fire" since "It's time to stop" ends the chain at One fire to rule them all. Edit
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